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The Five Reasons People Buy Fixed Annuities
by Chris Conklin -  Actuary  -  Insurance Insight Group
(a Synopsis)

  1. Safety:         Safety is a top priority when a person is saving money.  The great thing about fixed annuities, is that they uniquely offer 3 levels of protection. 

                Level 1:    By contract, a fixed annuity gauarantees that your principal is protected.

                Level 2:    Even if your insurance company fails, your annuity is backed by a State Guarantee fund.
                                  This similar to those that protect you bank deposits.

                Level 3:    If you do have a problem with your annuity or the sponsoring Insurance company, you can have
                                  the regulator in your State assist you.

                With thses 3 levels of protection, a fixed annuity is a safe place for your money!

       2.    Growth:
               Once people are satisfied thta their money is safe  -  they want growth.  Insurance companies are not ignorant
                of this fact, and offer, not only competitive rates, but also, usually at guaranteed periods of time.  Most offer a 
                guaranteed rate of interest for the life of the contract!

       3.     Tax-Advantages:

                Annuities grow on a tax-deferred basis, and having that advantage is markedly better than having no 
                tax advantage at all. 

       4.     Liquidity:
                Most annuity products build in enough liquidity to meet variable demands of the client.  Even retirees, who
                need to withdraw money every year, will find that annuities will allow them that access.

       5.     Estate Advantages:

                Proceeds at death usually avoid probateand move rapidly and with privacy to a named beneficiary.

There are many valid reasons for owning an annuity!